Under the heading Industry 4.0, operators of industrial plants are now flooded with a torrent of information. The focus here is mostly on the innovative features of new IT technologies that are being introduced into industrial processes.

However, as can be seen with the worrying increase in cyber attacks and cybercrime (eg WannaCry, NotPetya), the mix of IT and industry also carries potential risks.

The inventory infrastructure in plant and automation networks is often not up to the challenge. The resulting incidents thus quickly lead to failures that are associated with high costs.

How can you, as an operator, take advantage of the advances in digitization and still position yourself on the market in a stable and reliable manner over the long term?

In our “Industrial Security Workshop” we give you a direct insight into the topic of Industrial Security, analyze your status and give you individual recommendations for action, which next steps you should take. In the one-day, joint on-site appointment, you will therefore receive tangible information from the field, as well as a discussion of your situation.

Following the appointment, we will send you the result including recommendations for action as a final report.

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